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Updated: May 7, 2023

We received our ITA or Invitation to Apply on March 29th after being in the Express Entry pool for only four months! We now have 60 days to complete the application and then, we wait 6-8 months to get approved and receive our documentation. We will have a one year deadline to move that is based on the date of our medical exams that are part of the 60 day application process. Our medical exams are on April 24th so that will be our move-in deadline in 2024!

I have not even had time to write about the actual process we went through last year to get our profile into the pool but it was rather straightforward. We had each had our degrees verified by a third party company and also had to go into New York City to take our language proficiency tests. Everything was pretty straightforward! There are practice tests available for the CELPIP English exam so we knew what to expect. Jeff got a perfect score in all categories while I got"11's" on a scale of 1-12 in two categories. (He used the British spelling of words like colour and I...didn't). He will never let me live this down I'm sure.

NYC CELPIP testing center, Sunday September 25th, 2022.

With all of this completed we submitted our profile into the pool with a CRS score of 482. There were about two drawings per month in which about 7,000 applicants with the highest scores were pulled out of the Express Entry pool and given Invitations to Apply. We watched as drawing after drawing our score got closer and closer to being picked and finally at the end of March we made the cut.

UPDATE: We were able to get our paperwork/medical exam/employment letters/FBI fingerprinting all collected and submitted within about 30 days and submitted our official application on May 2nd.

And now, we wait!


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