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Enough about me for now,

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

how's the rest of the world doing out there?

Politics in the U.S have been making me break out in hives lately so I find it hard to concentrate on current events. There are only so many mass shootings, police killings, scams, and capitalistic agendas one girl can handle. As interested in politics as I used to be, I find it so overwhelming to stay informed lately, especially with the ACTUAL clowns in Congress now. (Has George Santos claimed to be a professional clown yet? Seems like a logical next step for him).

As we descend deeper into chaos, I find it harder and harder to believe the quote that inspired this blog many years ago.

"90% of people want 90% of the same things"

Professor Bernardo - American Government class 2016

That quote was delivered so emphatically that I remember writing it down and just staring at it. Every so often it would pop into my head when I heard someone say something absolutely insane. It helped me put the other person's motivation into perspective by wondering, what is the end game of their opinion? What is it they actually want that they believe will be solved by this ridiculous sounding argument? And, while that thinking worked for a while, as things started going off the rails post-2016, nothing made sense anymore.

I think I'm going to ATTEMPT to use Donald Trump's (1) name, Beetlejuice style, lest he show up again to torment our democracy. He who shall not be elected has created this fervent cult of supporters who are so detached from reality that they have concocted a witches brew of conspiracy theories including such great hits as: there are two militaries (one bad one controlled by President Biden and one good one controlled by you know who), widespread voter fraud that allowed President Biden to take the White House (but the democrats couldn't have used that fraudulent activity to also take the Senate I guess?), and you know, lizard people, microchips, "the works". How do you begin to understand these people who go to these rallies and worship their cult lea-I mean politician of choice?

At the end of the day, it isn't Voldemort's fault that this country is deeply, deeply flawed at it's core.....

Penn Station, NY. Election night 2022.


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