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Canada Day!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Just in time for Canada Day 2023, Jeff and I have received our official notice that our Permanent Residency application has been approved! On June 30th (7 short months after submitting our application into the Express Entry pool) we got the notification that we are now free to move to Canada as soon as we get our documents in the mail. We will still be waiting until next Spring so we can get everything in order and find an apartment and a job for me. Next we have to find a suitable moving company and also try to upgrade our car to something bigger.

Around June 12th they requested we mail them photos for Permanent Residency cards. We hoped that this meant we were officially approved and it looks like the photos were the very last step!

So how do we feel? Excited, nervous, in disbelief. You name it, we are feeling it. It definitely doesn't feel real to us yet but we are excited to try something new and to enjoy our newfound freedom to travel without restrictions.

Many other DREAMers have found this blog and have been asking me questions so I will be writing a step-by-step guide (with costs) so others can follow. DACA was never meant to be permanent and no other solution has come along so if this country doesn't want us, why should we want it? I am thankful that Canada sees the value of young immigrants and made the process so easy and accessible for anyone qualified and looking for a safer country.

We are excited to celebrate Canada Day 2024 in Kingston next year!


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