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Apartment hunting...from 350 miles away

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

This weekend we began the search for an apartment in Canada except...I wasn't there. Because of my DACA status I am allowed to leave the country but I'm NOT allowed to re-enter so going up to see Canada before we move is out of the question. The day I cross into Canada with my Permanent Residency document next year will be my very first day seeing my new country. Jeff will probably have to do one more fact finding mission in February 2024 to try to finalize an apartment or house for us to start renting in April.

Through a combination of live streaming and getting 87 continuous photos via text, it was like the absolute worst HGTV show you've ever been forced to watch in a doctor's office. Side note: it should be illegal for apartment complexes to use AI generated pictures in listings because some of those apartments were...not what was advertised.

Jeff got to really get a feel for the city and for the surrounding neighborhoods and got to hit the local trails to do some hiking as well as take in some of the live entertainment at night. We think Kingston will be a good fit for us because while it's not the most exciting city in the world, it has lots of history and good food and really, that's all we care about anyways.

The drive up from Jersey only took them 5.5 hours and they said it was a pleasant & easy drive (hint hint for anyone who wants to come visit us!). We are hoping to rent a house right outside of town or get a 2 bedroom apartment but we won't be able to seriously start looking until a few months before we head up.

Next, we have to plan out the logistics of moving all our stuff and starting an inventory of everything we own so we can declare it at the border and do our one time duty free import of everything when we move up.

Other random things we did or are doing to prepare include consolidating or cashing out old 401K's and buying a brand new car that will be good in the snow. We still have a lot of downsizing to do and have to finalize which moving company we will be using. Lots to do!

Thanks for following along on our journey! If we happen to be on your Christmas lists this year, the last thing we need is more stuff but gift cards would be very appreciated instead!


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