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United we stand, divided we fall

Red Hill Fire Tower NY


Hi, I’m Sandra

A DACA "DREAMer" who is fed up. 

I love geese, antiques, Taylor Swift, ice cream in all forms, and most things about my life, with one notable exception. As you hear my story I hope that you will understand my life experience and realize that, sans a piece of paper, I am as American as all of you and deserve to stay here without fear of deportation. This blog is going to follow me and my husband as we prepare to move to Canada and leave behind this life of uncertainty. We will also discuss other "bridges and towers" in our lives; things we can all agree (or disagree) about. 

Recent Blog Posts

"I was planted here. I was watered with hope and continue to grow in the light of a better future.
My roots are buried deep in this soil"
-Karen Benitez-Lopez

Always Makes Me Smile

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